Portuguese podcasts

Portuguese podcasts

What is a podcast and why you should start listening to podcasts

A podcast is a form of online audio publication, usually in the form of regular episodes that are available on a website or in apps. I use two applications that are enough for me: Apple Podcasts and Spotify. The topics are diversified: from politics, through psychology, food, technology, news from the world, humorous content. Everyone will find something for himself. Podcasts are also one of the many ways to become familiar with a foreign language, in my opinion even better than radio. It is true that on the radio we will hear news and programs, but they are always intertwined with music (not necessarily in the language of a given country). On the other hand, a podcast resembles a broadcast that we can listen to at a convenient time for us, we can stop it at any time and return to listening when we find time again. An additional advantage is the fact that podcasts are good to listen to when doing sports, running or during mechanical activities (e.g. peeling potatoes or creating reports in Excel :P).

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Why is it worth listening to podcasts in a foreign language?

Podcasts are one of the many ways to become familiar with a foreign language, regardless of the level of advancement. Beginners can get used to the accent and pronunciation. The main thing is not to be discouraged that we don’t understand most of the words yet. Advanced Portuguese speakers can increase their vocabulary, learn new phrases, colloquial language, or vocabulary related to a specific topic. Are you learning Portuguese and want to stay connected with the language? Do you want to become familiar with the Portuguese language? I have a list of podcasts for you on various topics.

Portuguese Podcasts List

1. “Extremamente desagradável” – once I had doubted the existence of sarcasm among the Portuguese, this podcast restored my faith. Joana Marques, who always tries to be “extremely unpleasant” (in Portuguese “Extremamente desagradável”), comments with a lot of humor on the speeches and public appearances of famous (but not only) Portuguese people.

2. “FUSO – Bumba na fofinha” and “Banana-papaia” both are comedy podcasts.

3. “Oh não, mais um podcast!” Mia Relógio and Diogo Beja about relationshipsand lifewith a lot of humor.

4. “Histórias de Al-Qantara”radio presenter Fernando Alvim and historian Pedro Sequeira tell the history of Lisbon’s Alcântara district and at the same time have a lot of fun telling anecdotes and historical curiosities.

5. “Fumaça” – Independent, progressive and dissident journalism.

6. Terapia de Casal – about life and relationships. A podcast that could end the marriage of Guilherme Fonseca and Rita da Nova 😉

7. Sem Barbas Na Língua – A dose of humor by Guilherme Duarte and Hugo Gonçalves.

8. Tubo de Ensaio – news in the form of a short stand-up.

9. Prōfectus – podcast created by three young Portuguese that promises to arouse interest in reading by presenting and exploring selected books that have most influenced podcast guests.

10. Maluco Beleza – podcast hosted by comedian Rui Unas.

11. 45 Graus is an independent project by José Maria Pimentel. You will hear intense but relaxed conversations with those who think about the great themes of Science, Society, Economics, Politics, Philosophy and much more. At 45 Graus there are no uninteresting topics at the outset.

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