How to prepare yourself to visit Lisbon

How to prepare yourself to visit Lisbon

Before your travel to Lisbon it is worth knowing what to be prepared for. Find out what to take with you in your suitcase. I know Lisbon inside out, I have lived here for many years. The city keeps surprising me all the time (positively of course). I have some advice for you on what is the best to take with you on a trip to Portugal and how to prepare for visiting Lisbon. Depending on the season, you will need a different set of clothes. Useful information for visitors to Lisbon below., pub-5963045510551873, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

What is the best time to visit Lisbon, Portugal?

In Portugal, the high tourist season lasts from mid-June to the end of September. That’s when the average temperature in the country is around 26–28 ° C. In July and August temperatures reach their maximums and a heatwave passes through the country. Particularly in the Algarve and Alentejo thermometers can show as high temperature as around 40 ° C. Despite the high temperatures, it is not stuffy in the capital even in summer – this is due to the Atlantic Ocean breeze.

What to bring in the luggage?

Comfortable shoes – they will be useful at any time of the year. Lisbon is situated on seven hills, so we often have to climb while visiting. In addition, when it rains, it is worth having shoes that will not slip. Girls: it’s not worth to bring your high heels: the Portuguese pavement Calçada Portuguesa can destroy them quite fast. Espadrilles or a large heel will work better.

Sunscreen – take it with you (or buy it after arrival) to protect yourself from the sun. A head covering will also be useful.

A jacket – even in the summer, something to protect from the wind can be useful. If you are going to visit the town of Sintra – remember that there is a microclimate in that area. When it’s sunny and hot in Lisbon, you can be greeted by cool, rain and fog in nearby Sintra.

Umbrella – useful in spring and winter (March / April and November).

Documents – European citizens enjoy the right to free movement of persons within the European Union. The travel document entitling to visa-free entry and stay in the territory of the Portuguese Republic for up to 90 days is a European Union passport or ID card. To rent a car, you will also need a driving license and a credit card.

One of the most colorful streets in Lisbon: Rua cor de rosa – Pink Street

What should you keep in mind when in Lisbon

Watch out for pick pocketers – especially in the center of Lisbon. Portugal is a very quiet country, but in tourist places there are thefts of cameras or wallets. In public transport, keep an eye on your backpack and purse. Pickpockets sometimes pretend to be tourists. One of the popular tricks is approaching a potential theft victim with a map. There are usually two thieves, one of them spreads the map in front of us (over a woman’s purse) and distracts us with a conversation, while the other is already rummaging in your purse.

Tickets to the main tourist attractions. During the high season it is worth buying tickets online to avoid queues and to guarantee the entrance. Due to the pandemic, admission to many sites is restricted.

How to get to Lisbon?

The best way to reach Lisbon is by plane. In mainland Portugal, international airports are located in Lisbon, Porto and Faro. You can fly to each of these cities directly from all of the European capitals and not only. It’s easy to come from Spain by car or by bus.

What’s the best way of sightseeing in Lisbon?

Lisbon is easy to get around on foot or by public transport. It is not worth renting a car to explore the center of the capital. Most of the tourist attractions are centrally located close to each other and are easy to reach on your own. To get to know an authentic Lisbon, off the beaten track, it is worth taking a walk around the city with a guide who will show you hidden gems.

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